Are you looking for a nail manicure kiosk? The nail manicure kiosk is good at providing nail art service and pedicure services. Merchants can also add glass showcases to place nail polish to increase sales. What’s more, the nail manicure kiosk decoration is stylish and eye-catching as a beauty salon station. Then people will recognize your aesthetic, and it will also help build customer trust and goodwill. Pink, purple, red, yellow, brown color and white are all excellent choices. Material and craftsmanship also determine the store effect of the nail manicure booth. So it uses MDF as the base material with a brilliant glossy surface. You can also use metal decoration to create a high-end shop effect. If you plan to start, purchase a nail kiosk from the Mall kiosk

Mall kiosks provide unique and beautiful nail manicure kiosks. Everything follows the merchant’s idea and requirements. You can also build a composite beauty studio with more services like eyebrow threading, eyelash, hair styling, etc. We have a professional design team to create eyebrow-threading kiosk designs for you. The design shows nail kiosk counter has a nail table, pedicure chair, storage cabinet, glass display showcase, and beauty station with mirror. You can place them in a suitable area to get a good effect and work well.

Nail shop decorations

Since most of the customers facing nail salons are young women, merchants need to consider women’s psychology and aesthetics when decorating. Creating beautiful and innovative nail salons will be favored by consumers.

  1. Decoration style: It is crucial to create a chic store atmosphere. Good store decoration makes customers feel relaxed and comfortable. You can shape the store style according to the customer’s consumption level, such as simple, high-end decoration, rich and luxurious, classic retro style, and natural solid wood style.
  2. Counter distribution: Nail manicure counter layout determines the customer’s first impression of you. We can put the brand logo and the menu in a prominent place, and people can see it as they pass by. Besides, the workbench is clean and tidy, and the seats are comfortable, bringing guests beautiful enjoyment. At the same time, it is convenient for the manicurist to work. And the nail polish display counter is placed where the guests can get it, preferably in sight of the guests. Attract the attention of customers to stimulate the desire to buy.
  3. Soft lighting: Nail salons need to consider lighting effects. Lighting can create a different atmosphere, and proper lighting can leave a good impression on guests. Lights are essential for beauty kiosks. At the same time, it can make your nail manicure station stand out. Usually, nail salons use warm white light to provide lighting and enhance the atmosphere of the nail salon shop.
  4. Color matching: Harmonious color matching makes people feel happy. So you can choose 2-3 colors of the same color to decorate the nail booth because too many colors in the nail salon studio will cause visual annoyance. Especially if you also need to showcase your nail polishes, minimalist kiosk shades stand out better.

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Popular nail manicure stations

Nail manicure kiosks are suitable to use in the mall, beauty salon shops, and even outdoors. You can follow the mall kiosk booth to build a nail service counter. However your unique nail kiosk or individual manicure table, so we can meet your demands.

  • Nail Manicure KioskManicure and pedicure kiosk. Most mall booth is square in size, such as 3m by 3m, 4m by 2m, etc. So the owner can make a square manicure kiosk design with a pedicure chair inside when in need. The nail service counter surrounds the lease line, so clients can sit down and enjoy service. It’s also a good idea to set up a manicure kiosk in the center, the wall with a logo and menu on four sides. That looks like a retail salon store.
  • Individual nail table. A single nail table is convenient and suitable for all kinds of nail salons, shopping malls, and small-cost projects. Dimensions are usually 1m wide, 0.5m deep, and 0.9m high. Therefore, you can add a corner to make it L-shaped or U-shaped for easy use. And at one end, you can place a logo and poster panel to attract attention.
  • Nail polish cart. The nail polish cart needs a small location, viewed as RMU’s stands in the mall. Merchants can sell nail stickers, polish, and various nail decorations to increase sales. The nail polish cart has glass counters, multiple shelving, and a display counter with storage cabinets. Besides, merchants can add wheels at the bottom to move to different locations. Size is about 1.2m by 0.6m, and height is approximately 2m with a ceiling.

Materials of a nail salon station

Choosing the suitable material can give the nail salon and barber kiosk a unique display effect. Usually, beauty salon shop furniture has a shiny and bright surface. It looks fashionable and enhances the store’s grade. The following are some common nail salon shop materials.

  1. MDF with Baking paint: Mall-kiosk uses high-density MDF to make nail manicure kiosks. It can cause various unique shapes and can get colorful colors. Merchants can choose between matte and glossy effects. Perfume kiosks use these materials to get a fantastic visual effect
  2. Plywood with lamination: Thick plywood as a base material, which is moisture-proof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant, and has a strong structure. The surface adopts the laminate process. You can choose different colors and effects, such as wood grain, stone grain, etc.
  3. Solid wood strip: Mall-Kiosk uses natural wood strips as decoration. So it uses to create unique shapes. The wooden bar, wood panel, and white color combination make people feel friendly and eco-friendly. Highlight simplicity and high end, and develop a concept of natural harmony.
  4. Acrylic: Acrylic is one of the ideal materials for making glowing signs. Whether a bright cutout logo or 3D shapes and letters, acrylic will do the job and give you a unique counter look.
  5. Golden metal frame: Golden metal frame and decoration usually use by chain and high-end brands with a black background to convey a high-end and luxurious store atmosphere. At the same time, it can enhance the brand image and increase the added value of products and services. That’s also a popular decoration of cosmetic kiosks.
  6. Glass shelving: Most people require glass showcase and shelving to increase display area. Besides, we use 8mm tempered glass to build. It has good light transmittance and can highlight products for sale. And increase the light strip to present the product advantages in front of customers.