A wall cabinet is necessary for retail shops and beauty shops. It not only shows more products in a good way but also uniquely decorates the shop. Whether you like simple or special wall cabinets for cosmetic shops, perfume shops or beauty salon stores, you will get good solutions from us. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic display cabinet style with you.

Introduction of wall cabinet

This wall cabinet size is 100cm long, 35cm wide, and 220cm tall, which suits most retail shops. It is multi-functional, with both display shelving and storage area. Good to show items and restore more products. The materials include MDF with glossy baking paint surface treatments. Other materials include stainless steel, LED light lamps, etc.

cosmetic display shelf

The top has many display layers, which makes it convenient to put cosmetic products for clients to choose from. Ensure all products are on eyesight range, convenient for clients to reach the items, and encourage purchase. The bottom has a locked door cabinet, you can close it to avoid items being stolen. LED light lamps increase brightness and make cosmetic products look better. View cosmetic kiosk design

Produce photos show

It’s customized shop furniture, we design it based on the client’s special needs and ideas. Produce work follows the confirmed 3D design. So the owner will receive the same high-quality items.

               Wooden cabinet body                                                                                   Completed effect

Wall cabinet  Cosmetic display

We can see how the wall cabinet is being made step by step from producing photos. We make each counter individually, so the owner can put them together when receive them. Besides, there are holes and a main wire to simply circuit plan, so you can put them together and connect wires to the shop power supply.

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