Ice cream kiosk is most people’s favourites sweet food. Many people eat it after dinner and go shopping in the mall. If it’s your first business, opening an ice cream kiosk is a profitable choice. What you should do is determine a unique and attractive food kiosk design to start. Let’s view more information about ice cream booth design.

ice cream kiosk

Unique ice cream kiosk design

ice cream kioskThe main tone of the frozen yogurt kiosk is in white colour with black wall decoration. It is a high level of the ice cream shop and makes your products outstanding. There is white tone decoration surrounding the service counter body. People can pay cash here and pick up items directly.

Under the counter has space for a freezer and necessary equipment. While the cream machine is set in the back corner with a plate covering it. That is convenient to use and won’t affect the kiosk layout. Because another corner has a 3 compartment sink. Outside the wall has a large light box painting for advertising. So that clients can notice you and appeal to the delicious ice creams on the pattern.

If you are open to starting a business outside the mall, view outdoor ice cream kiosks here.

Material information

  • Basic material: MDF or Plywood
  • Surface material: Baking paint, lamination, marble stone treatment, etc.
  • Kicking material: Brushed stainless steel effect
  • Other materials: Lightbox painting, LED light, hardware, tempered glass, etc.

Mall food kiosk usage

Like most food kiosks, it has counters on 4 sides to use. You can use it to sell all kinds of food and drinks, such as coffee, frozen yogurt, chimney cake, and even smoothie. No matter when you plan to start a business, this ice cream kiosk can help you well.

Mall-kiosk has a professional design team and production team. We can help you customize unique food kiosks. No matter how unique kiosks you are looking for. Contact us now and get food kiosk designs.