The 10ft by 10ft Lotto Center Kiosk Lottery Service Booth is making its way to Canada, bringing a new and exciting way to play the lottery in shopping malls across the country. This sleek and modern kiosk boasts a clean white design that not only catches the eye but also enhances the brand theme of the lottery service it offers.

lottery counter

Introduction of lottery kiosk

One of the standout features of this mall kiosk is the long glass showcase counter that runs along the front of the booth. The top of the counter is perfect for displaying scratch tickets and other lottery products, while the sticker logo on the body serves as a constant reminder to passersby of the services available. Additionally, the bottom of the counter houses a storage cabinet to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

lottery kiosk

Moving to the left side of the retail kiosk, you’ll find a cashier counter complete with lottery printing equipment, making it convenient for customers to purchase their tickets and receive their winnings all in one spot. Adjacent to the cashier counter is a tall tower display stand with brand signage, adding an extra touch of professionalism to the booth.

lottery cabinet

As you continue around the reception kiosk, you’ll come across two more counters dedicated to customer service. Whether customers have questions about the lottery games available or need assistance with purchasing tickets, the friendly staff manning these counters are there to help.

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lottery booth lottery stand

Overall, the 10ft by 10ft Lotto Center Kiosk Lottery Service Booth offers a convenient and stylish way for Canadians to try their luck at the lottery. With its modern design and efficient layout, this kiosk is sure to attract lottery players of all ages and backgrounds. Keep an eye out for this exciting new addition to shopping malls near you!