What do you think about starting a business with an eyebrow-threading kiosk in the shopping mall? Today, I want to share a classic eyebrow threading kiosk in Canada. No matter what color combinations you want, we can customize it for you. Let’s view more details information together.

Eyebrow booth

10ft by 10ft eyebrow threading kiosk

We can see this eyebrow threading kiosk color is purple combined with white color. A black metal frame is used to support and decorate the eyebrow-threading kiosk uniquely. The size is 10ft by 10ft, which suits most mall location sizes. It includes a glass display showcase area, an eyelash extension working station, and space for advertising and storage. Very convenient to use and leaves a deep impression on clients.

Eyebrow bar counter

Layout information

We can see there is a TV stand with brand signage at the entrance. It appeals to people to understand your services. Behind the blend stand is a water sink counter together with an eyebrow threading workstation. 3D luminous acrylic logo on the counter body and posters behind the mirror to attract people. While the reception counter is also set here, it’s great to say hello to every customer and help them check bills before leaving. A long glass showcase near the cashier counter to display related products for sale. View teeth whitening kiosk

brow bar counter

We can see there are 2 mirror stations on one side, it has the brand logo on the front side. While another side has a long glass display cabinet. The corner also has a brand logo stand with a TV screen. Besides, there is a metal frame on the top with a spotlight here to highlight the work area.

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Produce photos show

Eyebrow threading station brow bar counter

We can see the real produce photos at our workshop. The workers focus on the produce details and make it step by step. As it is packaged individually, it is also a guide installation when you receive it. Check more unique eyebrow threading kiosk styles