Cosmetics and perfumes are seen everywhere in the shopping mall. Businessmen want to start perfume kiosks to earn money because it has a great market. It gives us a good smell and gives people a charming feeling. Whether you want a modern or retro perfume kiosk, you can get a good mall kiosk design solution here. Below is a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you. Let’s view more details together.

Perfume counter

Wooden perfume kiosk design

The perfume kiosk, also viewed as a fragrance kiosk, is mainly used to display and show all flavors of perfumes and aromatherapy. The primary theme combines wooden and black finishes, which makes the overall mall kiosk look high-end. It suits a location size 10ft by 10ft. Includes glass display showcases, brand signage, and storage cabinet properly.

Perfume booth

We can see from the mall kiosk design, that all the counters have slope, which is wider on the top and narrow at the bottom. Increase a sense of design and look like an open flower. Very special and eye-catching. There is a square display cabinet with glass showcase at 4 sides, which vividly shows perfume products well. While the 4 corners are curved glass showcases with multiple layers. Businessmen can set perfume sets on the countertop, which is convenient to show items for clients to buy.

Perfume cabinet

With the brand signage wall set at the entrance, people can know your business and remember your brand theme well. The reception counter along with the cashier register set in the middle of the cosmetic kiosk side. It’s a great idea to add an LED light lamp at the edge of the counters, which catches the eyes’ attention and makes your perfume kiosk look good.