Are you looking for a creative and eye-catching photo printing kiosk mall booth? A nice mall kiosk design attracts customers and helps enhance your shop theme. If you plan to open a photo booth kiosk, don’t miss this photo printing booth. It’s used in Australia with clients’ special requirements. Let’s view more details information.

photo booth design

Description of photo printing booth

The design of our booth is simple yet elegant, with a white and wooden theme that will surely stand out in any mall setting. The material used is high-quality plywood with laminate finishes, ensuring durability and a sleek look.

What sets our booth apart is the colorful cabinet drawers that not only add a pop of color but also help the owner distinguish storage items easily. This feature is both practical and visually appealing. Learn more information about retail booth

photo booth

The booth features long counters on both sides, providing ample space for customers to place their items or even a computer for checking bills. This design eliminates the need for customers to wait in line, making their experience more convenient and efficient.

In addition, photo frames and albums are hung on the front of the counter, allowing customers from all angles to see your products and understand the services you provide. This thoughtful placement ensures maximum visibility for your products.

To further attract consumers’ attention, photo prints can be strategically placed on the countertop. This will pique the interest of passersby and entice them to explore your mall booth further.

Real kiosk effect in the mall

photo printing kiosk

We can see what it looks like when installed in the mall. It’s easy to install and has a better effect. Whenever you need mall retail kiosks, contact us to get more solutions.