Teeth whitening service is acceptable among people. Most people open a teeth whitening kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice teeth-whitening booth with you. It’s made for clients from Australia. Let’s view more designs together.

Teeth Whitening Kiosk

Teeth whitening kiosk description

This teeth whitening kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft. It has a petal-like shape that looks unique and eye-catching. The teeth whitening kiosk has three working stations total: a working table, space for legs, mirror with a bulb light on both sides. There are lightbox posters on the wall, allowing clients to view your business well.

Teeth Whitening Kiosk

In front of the working part is a crescent-shaped reception desk, which has a storage cabinet and drawers for storage. The service desk can also be used for checking bills. Brand signage is on the counter to promote the company and its services. Led light lamps surround the teeth-whitening kiosk. That increases glow and makes people notice your beauty booth.

Teeth Whitening Kiosk

Production photos

It is a classic teeth-whitening stall in the mall. We produce the kiosks following the confirmed design. Except for teeth whitening services, it’s good to use as an eyebrow threading booth or barber kiosk because they all have workstations with mirrors.

Teeth Whitening Kiosk Teeth Whitening Kiosk

Materials of a beauty booth

  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Glossy baking paint in white color
  • Other materials: Stainless steel kicking, light box painting, light box logo, light lamp, etc.

We mainly use high-density MDF to make the mall kiosk body because it can make unique styles. Glossy baking paint treatment levels the shop theme and can also highlight products and services. As for beauty services, people like to work with those who are fashionable and professional. Besides, this teeth whitening kiosk can be customized according to unique ideas. No matter when you need stalls get unique teeth-whitening kiosk designs on our website.