Discover the fascinating world of mobile kiosks

Step into the magical kingdom of 11 ft by 16 ft cell phone kiosks and prepare to be enchanted! When you enter this vibrant room, you will find yourself surrounded by a multitude of mobile phone accessories that satisfy every taste and preference. From stylish phone cases to stylish pop connectors, this kiosk offers a treasure trove of options for all smartphone models.


This 11 ft by 16 ft mobile kiosk is designed for your convenience. The spacious layout allows you to easily browse a wide range of products, ensuring a stress-free shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for a handy accessory to protect your phone or a stylish accessory to reflect your personal style, this kiosk has it all.

cell phone kiosk


 Show the benefits of mobile kiosks

When it comes to showing the benefits of mobile kiosks, the size of the space is important. This mobile kiosk has a lot of display space, and each display space will be installed with LED light strips, which can attract more customers’ attention.

The spacious showcases provide the perfect platform for businesses to showcase the unique features and benefits of their mobile kiosks. With enough space, businesses can create immersive experiences so that their customers can fully explore and engage in the kiosk offerings.

cell phone kisok

This mobile kiosk has different advertising patterns that allow for visually appealing displays and interactive features. When people see the words “WE FIX IT” on the poster, they know they can fix their phones here. As technology continues to evolve,

We can expect mobile kiosks to become more advanced and sophisticated, further enhancing the power of mobile advertising. So the next time you see a mobile newsstand, remember that it is not just a poster, but a dynamic and engaging marketing tool that is shaping the future of advertising.


Main material: MDF

Finish treatment: Baking pain

Other accessories: handle, locker, Stainless steel kicker

Design fee:300$

Design time:2-3 working days

Delivery time: about 22 working days