This is a gift display kiosk used in malls. This kiosk has many glass showcases, from the front, the glass showcase can display cups and mobile phone cases. From the side, you can see that this mobile phone kiosk has many mobile phone images.

Inside the kiosk, you can also put some equipment, such as printers. If you own a retail kiosk, you can display items you like, such as anime characters, toys, jewelry, and more.


retail kiosk

How to produce a kiosk?

First, Tell the sales the template you like, and the sales will send us the production case according to your style.

Then, we need to build a 3D design. We are a custom factory, before the design, we will understand your needs and provide the design according to your business. At the same time, we can add your logo so that you get a one-of-a-kind design(about 2-3 working days)

Secondly, the mall needs to know about the materials, dimensions, and electrical compliance with the mall’s standards. Complete the design wisdom, we will provide detailed construction drawings of the design to help you pass the review of the mall. (about 22 working days)

Finally, we will produce according to the designs. We’ll use MDF as the base material, plus 3 times base coats and 5 times finish coat. In this way, the kiosk has both texture and shine.


After finishing production, we will assemble the kiosk and check the quality.

Then, we will clean

Finally, we will use plastic wrap and foam wrap, and pack in wooden cases.

More details

material: MDF

Finish treatment: baking paint

Others: handle, solid rails, stainless steel kicker, LED light strip

Design fee:300$

payment: T/T, Western Union

payment term:

30%deposit before start+50%progress payment+20%balanced

Shipping time: about 15-25 days

If you need a kiosk, please contact us.we have aa professional design team