Recently, more and more people plan to open a nice eyebrow threading kiosk to earn money. As a beauty kiosk, it’s necessary to choose a beautiful and useful brow booth. It can express your shop theme and company culture to clients. Clients will also notify you and leave a deep impression. Today, I want to introduce a very popular eyebrow threading kiosk here. We have made more than 10 sets for different brands.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Introduction of i-Brow Studio

We can see in the design, this eyebrow threading kiosk fits an area of 12f0ft. We can see the main color is purple and white, looks very attractive and romantic. There are brand logos, posters, menus, and TV players on the wall to remind people of your business. You can also use streamlined decoration to create a sense of high-tech.

eyebrow bar counter

The layout of the eyebrow threading kiosk

There is a reception counter set near the entrance. It has a glass plate with the brand name, you can use it as a reception counter. The sliding entrance door is popular, most barber kiosks also use this door. Near it is a long sofa for waiting. While the black area has a water sink counter in the middle with a mirror for a wash. Both sides have display showcases to place items, people can view and buy them when passing by. It has 3 eyebrow stations with LED mirrors. Clients accept eyebrow extensions and eyelash services here.

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eyebrow station

Produce photos show

Workers produce the eyebrow threading booth based on the confirmed 3D design. Before production, we will share the color code, so the owner can purchase an ideal surface color. All parts and details update regularly, allowing the starters to understand how it is completed. If you have any ideas, just contact us. Our sales team and design team will help you customize it.

mall eyebrow threading kiosk