Are you looking for a nail table to start a business? Nail manicure kiosks are mainly used to do nail art services. Merchants can also add glass display showcases to show nail polish products. Before starting a business, people should choose a suitable nail manicure kiosk. It can enhance the brand theme and make your shop stand out.

manicure studio

Description of nail manicure kiosk

This nail kiosk size is 13ft by 8ft and includes a nail work table, light box painting, brand logo and menu, glass showcase, water sink counter, etc. It’s white with white light, looks very high-end, and attracts people’s eyes’ attention. We mainly use MDF to make the nail kiosk, and the surface material is glossy baking paint to gain a smoothie and shiny effect. Besides, the white counter makes the countertable. Stainless steel kicking protects the nail and beauty kiosk and gives a high-end atmosphere.

nail booth

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Layout information

It is a long counter to provide nail manicure service, allowing five people to work together. It has a nail dry light on the counter. Under the counter is open shelving, where to place nail stools and nail manicure polish for work. Other counters have storage cabinets and drawers for storage. We can also see a TV player on the stand, and near it is a water sink counter. The front counter has a brand logo along with a light box painting for advertising. Next to the water sink counter is a curved counter with glass showcases to increase the display area. Merchants can also add a pedicure chair or eyebrow threading stations to enhance business.

nail kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the nail kiosk effect with lights on. That’s what the owner gets when installed at the shopping mall. Workers will clean the kiosk and counters, and then pack it well for shipping. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry soon.

nail kiosk nail table