It’s a good option to start with eyebrow threading kiosk. With the fast development of society, people focus more on their appearance. Everyone likes charming looks, especially a pair of attractive eyes. So it’s a portable idea to start an eyebrow-threading kiosk in the mall. People are easy to access when going shopping.

eyebrow bar counter

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

This brow bar station includes two seats for work. It has tall walls to attach mirrors with light bulbs at the edges. Lock drawer sets under the counter and technicians can place the tools and products they need here for easy access. The front side has a reception counter with light box painting panels. Near it is an L-shaped wall with a glass panel on the top. So you can set a shampoo chair or seating sofa here. We can also add a brand logo and a menu on the wall so that people can notice your business and remember you well.

eyebrow threading booth

Color introduction

White and black color are popular among businessman because it looks pure and can attract the eyes’ attention. It can also high-level the eyebrow salon shop. However, the flooring uses a wooden color with stainless steel edges, which is good to use and can remind people to enter your shop. 

eyebrow kiosk design

Material Introduction

We use high-density MDF as the primary material to build the kiosk counter and walls. The surface treatment is a shiny baking paint. That is brilliant and has a smooth touch. A good beauty kiosk can also increase the guest’s impression. Other materials include bulb lights, stainless steel toe kicking, frosted glass panels, lightbox logos, lighting lamps, etc. If you have material requirements, you can tell us in advance. We will note this in the drawing and use the required materials to build the mall kiosks. 

brow bar counter

If you have any questions, please tell us soon. We are here and ready to help. Thank you.