Do you plan to start a business with flower kiosks? Flower has a big market, because people love sending flowers to express their love, respect, and admire feelings. If you are planning to open a flower kiosk in the shopping mall, this RMU stand is a great choice. Merchants can use it to sell fresh flowers, dried flowers, and bouquets. Let’s view more details together.

Flower kiosk

Introduction of flower kiosk

This flower kiosk booth is designed for clients from Kenya. It suits a location of a 1.5m long area with double-sided display shelving.  The primary color is black, which high level of the flower booth theme and can also reflect the flowers better.

Flower counter

It looks like an RMU stand, which has a double-sided display shelf, people can view and purchase flowers on both sides. It has 3 layers in total, which increases the display area and can also uniquely display items. The bottom area has locked cabinets, we can store products and things here.

Flower stall

The site has a brand logo panel with mounted shelving on mall both sides. Which vividly reminds poeple of your business and helps them understand your business. The black tube frame support with light decorations surrounds it. It makes your flower booth brighter and creates a warm atmosphere.

We can use MDF with glossy baking paint to build the flower booth body. You can choose matte or brilliant effects to match the brand theme well. Besides, if you want a better shop effect, recommend using the metal tube for the ceiling, as it increases the metal texture and high levels of the brand concept. Whenever you plan to start, contact us and get more RMU stand design ideas.