What do you think about starting a mall eyebrow threading kiosk? Today, I want to introduce the stunning and luxurious Eyebrow Bar Counter with Golden Decoration to you. It’s made for a US customer, now available in the USA! This exquisite piece of furniture is perfect for salons and beauty shops. It helps the shop owner elevate their space and provide top-notch services to their clients. Let’s view more details together.

eyelash station

15ft by 8ft eyebrow bar counter

The color combination of white and golden gives this eyebrow bar counter a touch of elegance and sophistication. With three stations equipped with mirrors on the wall. Clients can comfortably sit down and receive eyebrow or eyelash services in privacy. The lockable drawers underneath the counter table provide ample storage space for hair tools and other essentials. Keeping the work area neat and organized.

brow bar table

On one side of the counter, you’ll find a reception desk and a cozy waiting sofa for clients to relax in while they wait for their appointments. The back side features a work table with storage cabinets. Perfect for keeping supplies within easy reach. You can also customize the space by attaching your brand logo and menu on the wall. Creating a visually appealing display that attracts passersby and potential clients. View barber kiosk design

Produce photo show

We can see the actual eyebrow-threading kiosk effect at the workshop. LED light lamps are very important for eyebrow threading kiosks. It will make your eyebrow-threading kiosk stand out. Can also attract eyes’ attention and leave people deep impression. Check the beauty kiosk design here

eyebrow threading station eyebrow booth

The entrance of the eyebrow bar counter is adorned with a golden frame light box painting. Adding a touch of glamour to your salon and setting the tone for a high-end experience. This eye-catching piece of furniture is sure to make a statement in any beauty establishment. Impressing clients and enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.