What do you think about opening an eyebrow-threading kiosk? Poeple can use it as an eyelash extension kiosk and sell all kinds of products. A good eyebrow-threading booth leaves a deep impression on consumers and helps enhance the brand theme. If you plan to start with a beauty salon booth, this eyebrow threading kiosk may help you well. Let’s learn more information below.

eyelash extension kiosk

Introduction of eyebrow threading kiosk

This brow bar counter mainly uses orange, gray, and white colors. It looks eye-catching and is upscale. Size is 15ft by 8ft, and you can place working stations, display showcases, reception counter, and advertising in the proper area. So, the staff can work well, and you can also promote services and products to the public. You can also add a seating sofa for poeple to sit on.

eyebrow booth design

Custom eyebrow bar counter

As is shown in the design photo, a brand logo panel and glass display cabinet at the entrance. Consumers can view your business before entering and shopping and take items away when leaving. The beauty kiosk has a reception counter against the wall, with a cashier counter for checking bills.

brow bar counter

Both sides have LED bulk light mirror stations with lock drawers, two sets on each wall for convenient work. We can add a topping table to distinguish eyebrow grooming tools and items. Besides, the back wall of the salon shop has the brand logo and lighting facing the public. The corner has a small round sink with a water system for daily water supply.

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eyebrow station

Material details

  • Primary material: MDF
  • Surface material: Glossy baking paint treatment
  • Other materials: Stainless steel kicking, 8mm tempered glass panel, acrylic logo, lighting lamp, mirror

Mall-Kiosk Ltd. uses high-density MDF to build the eyebrow threading kiosk counter, and it has a strong structure and durable usage. If you have material requirements, please kindly contact us in advance. We can add material and color effects to your kiosk design.