Are you looking for SIM card booth use in the subway station? The business kiosk is useful to enhance brand image and let people know your products well. No matter what kind of products you sell, you can use a business kiosk to improve sales. Today, I want to share a nice self-service kiosk sharing with you. It’s good to use in the shopping center, train station, subway station, and even airport. Let’s view the details together.

SIM card kiosk

Information on SIM card kiosk

  • Size: 2.8m wide*1m deep *2m tall. We can also customize it according to your requirements.
  • Color: White and red color. It attracts the eyes’ attention and can also make your booth outstanding.
  • Material: MDF, baking paint, acrylic, slat wall, the 3D acrylic logo with backlit.
  • Install: It’s complete in the workshop and shipped as a whole. Can use it directly, no assembly on site.

service kiosk

Description of the business kiosk

As we can see in the design, this kiosk has signage, a showcase area, a storage area, and advertising posters. Use as RMU and self-service kiosk, so that poeple can take away items freely. It has a double red frame decoration, which highly matches the products. Both the front top and the back side have luminous signage. While the side has a TV player to place advertising. People can view and learn about you when passing by.

business kiosk

The main showcase and storage area are at the front. It has a tiny slat wall display in the middle area, you can place many hooks here to hang products. The ceiling has a spotlight to increase brilliance, and posters are set at the top to guide people in choosing what they want. And at the bottom are drawers to store more products. View the retail kiosk here

business kiosk

Produce photos show

You can see the real looks of a business kiosk here. Because the owner provides free SIM cards for poeple, the kiosk has no locked doors and drawers. However, if you choose this style for your business. We will add lock drawers and glass doors for safety considerations. We will add all of your requirements to make the mall kiosk more attractive and useful.

business kiosk business kiosk