How about starting a sunglasses kiosk business with a mall booth? A Mall booth is an excellent place to start a business. It can show all kinds of products and can enhance the brand theme. Marchants can use mall booths to earn money, especially for industrial and retail items, including sunglasses, boutiques, souvenirs, coffee cups, and decorations. Today, I want to share a nice sunglass kiosk with you.

sunglass stand

Description of mall booth

This mall booth is suitable for small business ideas; it has a counter at one side of the cashier register. There are two panels on both sides, a total of 4 layers each. It is good to place all kinds of sunglasses and small decoration items. You can add light to increase brilliance and add drawer uses as storage. On the countertop are three layers of shelving with a spotlight on the roof. Lightbox posters are attached to the side for advertising. The bottom of the retail merchandising unit stand has wheels; you can push it to different locations.

sunglass stand

More information

  • Size: 200cm long, 100cm wide, and 220cm tall. It uses a small kiosk as a starter plan.
  • Color: White. White can reflect the products well. You can also choose other colors.
  • Materials: MDF with glossy baking paint, metal tube, light box painting, stainless steel kicking, lights, hardware

It’s a customized mall booth design based on clients’ requirements. You can tell us your needs first, and our design team can design a kiosk for your confirmation. View more unique mall carts here

mall booth

Produce procedure

When you confirm the mall kiosk design, we can move to the production step. Workers prepare materials and cut wood panels in the first step. Secondly, assemble a wooden body to view the primary structure. Thirdly, make surface treatments. From this step, we can see the overall effect in reality. Finally, install wires and lights and complete production work. Whenever you need a mall kiosk, contact us and get more unique designs.