Factory custom sunglass kiosk offers a unique design tailored to your specific needs and preferences. With a custom kiosk, you can choose the layout, color, lighting, and other features that best suit your branding and business goals.

sunglass kioskDescriptions of Sunglass Kiosk

Style: The style of the sunglass kiosk is modern and minimalist with clean lines and sleek design. The color scheme is predominantly white with accents of green and balck.

Material: The kiosk is made of high-quality materials such as plywood, metal frames, and laminated wood. The plywood shelves are sturdy and durable to hold the weight of the sunglasses.

Logo: The kiosk has a prominent logo on the front, which is sleek and eye-catching. The logo is placed on receiption desk and top of display shelf and is illuminated with LED lights to make it stand out.

Light: The kiosk is well-lit with bright LED lights to enhance the visibility of the sunglasses. The light is strategically place to highlight the sunglasses and create a warm and inviting ambiance.

layout of sunglass kiosk

Layout: The sunglass kiosk has a compact and organized layout to utilize the space effectively. Have 4 display shelf on the around. It has a display counter in the center with shelves to showcase the sunglasses. Have chairs on the center for the customers to try on the sunglasses comfortably.

3D Design: The 3D design of the sunglass kiosk is modern and sleek. The design is create with the latest software and technology to give a realistic view of the kiosk. The 3D design is use to plan the layout, lighting, and display of the sunglasses before the actual construction begins.

Custom sunglass kiosk can design to optimize the customer experience. You can add features such as lighting, mirrors, and display cases to make it easier for customers to browse and try on sunglasses.

mall kiosk sunglass kiosk