This is a mobile phone counter used in a shop. There are some tablets on the counter. We can know that this cabinet is used to display electronic products. A counter can usually place mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic products. There is a logo on the front of the counter and a light strip attached to the side to attract attention. The cabinet is rectangular in shape, which is very convenient to display electronic products, and can narrow the distance between customers and products.


We can see that on the side is a door that can  opened, and there is a lot of space inside, which can provide you with storage items.


bar counter


The counter is designed in a simple, modern style. It looks like a counter made of raw wood, without too much complexity. It has only one color, but it doesn’t look monotonous.


This cabinet is made of MDF with wood patterned panels on the surface, so this counter is fire proof, moisture-proof and waterproof. We can also see a circle of white lights shining on the floor at the bottom of the cabinet, which looks very beautiful. Because we installed soft led light strips inside. At the bottom of the counter are stainless steel kickers, which can extend the shelf life. In addition, we can also provide you with hardware accessories, chairs, sofas, tables and other items

Other information

Size: 3 M*1 M (custom)

Design time: 2-3 days

Design deposit: We will charge a design deposit of $300, which will  refunded to you after production begins.

Production time: 22-26 days

Payment method: 50% of the product amount shall charged, and the remaining 50% shall paid at the time of shipment

Mode of transportation: Arrange according to your needs.

About us

We have professional designers, as long as 20 years of design experience. We have designed countless cabinets, which well received by many customers. Because we have a perfect pre-sale and after-sales service system. If necessary, please contact us, thank you!