This is a chocolate cabinet used in the mall. This chocolate cabinet can display a lot of chocolate-flavored food, such as candy, cakes, desserts, and so on. We can see a cake display window made of tempered glass in the corner of a chocolate cabinet. This is a position that attracts attention. At the same time, there are many chocolate cakes on the counter of the chocolate kiosk. In order to keep the food clean, we will use tempered glass as the display material.


This is the back of the chocolate pavilion. We can see some gift bags on the table. These gift bags look very delicate and beautiful. If a customer buys chocolate as a gift at a chocolate kiosk, we can provide the perfect packaging for the customer. At the same time, we can also print your logo and slogan on the gift bag, which is a good way to publicize.



Usually, we have lights on the roof, and the pavilion is very bright under the light. Hanging from the middle of the roof is a light box, a decoration that advertises your business and is usually installed where it can be easily seen.


On the front and side of the chocolate kiosk stand, we can see four posters, each showing a different pattern. Besides, you can put your slogan on the poster.


On the walls of the chocolate pavilion, both front and back, there is a glowing acrylic logo. We can also make the logo in different forms. Such as hollow-out, crystal words

Other information

Material: MDF with baking paint, tempered glass

The dimensions are 3*3 meters

Design time: 2-3 days

Design fee: 300 USD, which will be refunded to you upon confirmation of production

Production time: 22-26 days

Mode of transportation: Arrange transportation according to your choice