The mall counter is a good place to promote business and sell products, such as makeup products, perfumes, watches, boutiques, etc. Whenever you plan to start a business, it’s necessary to find a unique and attractive mall booth to start. Today, I want to share a nice makeup kiosk with you. Hope it will help with more good decorating ideas. Let’s view more designs together.

Cosmetic kiosk

Introduction of makeup kiosk

This makeup kiosk suits a 3m by 2m location and includes 2 rows of counters. The primary color is black with purple line decoration, which creates a charming and fantastic shop theme. Which high level of the brand theme and makes people leave a deep impression. It includes display counters, makeup stations, storage cabinets, and advertising posters.

mall booth

We can see the front counter used as a display cabinet with multiple products for samples. People can try cosmetics and purchase their favorite products. There are advertising posters on both sides, which is good for promoting business and helping people understand it better. The bottom has a grid decoration with a luminous logo, vividly showing your business to clients. Businessmen can store cosmetic products here for sale. Which is good for both display and storage. Check cosmetic kiosks

makeup booth

The back side has a long work counter with a wall plate on the countertop. It’s a good place to place necessary items there, poeple from outside won’t reach it. The outside area has the same grid decoration with a logo to make poeple notice it when passing by. Near it is a makeup counter with bulbs surrounding the mirror. There is a roof with ceiling light and a brand logo. It not only makes the makeup counter look better but also increases light for the makeup station.

makeup counter

Materials are very important for the makeup counters. It determines the strong structure and better display effect. We mainly use MDF with baking paint surface treatment. It has glossy and smooth finishes, which increase the product’s value and help improve business. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic logo, LED light lamp, etc. Merchants can even add glass showcases to better display products.