Are you a nail salon owner in Saudi Arabia looking to upgrade your business and attract more customers? In the ever-growing beauty industry, having an appealing and professional-looking nail salon is crucial. This Nail Manicure Kiosk is the perfect solution to enhance the aesthetics of your salon and provide a comfortable space for your customers to enjoy their manicure experience.

manicure booth

Description of nail kiosk

The dimensions of this barber kiosk, measuring 3m×2m, are ideal for a nail salon setup. It is spacious enough to accommodate multiple workstations, allowing your nail technicians to work efficiently. With enough room for various equipment and tools, your nail salon will be well-equipped to offer a wide range of nail services.

nail station

The design of this Nail Manicure Kiosk is sleek and modern, featuring a beautiful brown color that exudes sophistication. The clean lines and polished finish will give your salon a professional and upscale look. The kiosk is also customizable, allowing you to add your salon’s logo and branding to create a unique and personalized touch.

nail counter

As you approach the entrance, you’ll notice our eye-catching brand logo, which represents our commitment to quality and style. To enhance your experience, we have also installed a TV player at the entrance. It allows you to notice our brand theme and advertising.

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nail manicure counter

We can also leave space for a wall cabinet with a glass door, it is a good place to show nail polish products. There are also decoration lines on the wall to make the nail kiosk attractive and special.