This is a bubble tea cabinet for indoor use, which is usually seen in shopping malls. You can see its structure in the picture. The front of this milk tea cabinet has a mixing desk, a cashier desk, and the remaining space as a workbench. It has the advantage of having a lot of space.BUBBLE TEA KIOSK

Behind the bubble cabinet is where the bubble tea is made and we can install the equipment. In addition, we will have a series of supporting supplies. Things like sinks, lockers, refrigerators, etc. We can also see that the cabinet has a red stand with the logo and menu board on it. This is an easy place to attract customers’ attention.

bubble tea kiosk in mall


This bubble tea cabinet is plywood as the base material, and the surface is treated with fireproof board. So this bubble tea cabinet can be fireproof and moisture-proof. Because the bubble tea cabinet needs to be waterproof, we use artificial stone treatment on the surface. Not only waterproof, wear-resistant, but also easy to clean. In addition, we will use stainless steel edge at the bottom of the cabinet, which can protect the cabinet easily damaged places. Other materials to be used include Acrylic logo, light box, tempered glass, etc.


First, we will help you to make a 3D model, and during the process, we will make changes according to your opinion.

Then, if you have no questions about the design model, we will start production. During the production process, we will report the progress of the cabinet to you.

Finally, we will make the cabinet packed in wooden cases, according to your choice to transport to the destination.

Other information

Size : 4 M*2 M.

Design time : 3-5 days.

Production time : 22-25 days.

transport time : Calculate according to the destination.

Mode of transport : Sea, air, land transport. Arrangements can be made as you choose.

If you need it, please contact us!