The nail manicure kiosk is good for providing nail services and selling nail polishes. Whether you need a nail kiosk in the shopping mall or a beauty salon shop, a unique nail kiosk helps a lot. Today, I want to share a nice nail manicure kiosk with you. Let’s view more details together.

Nail kiosk

Introduction of nail manicure kiosk

This nail kiosk size is 4m by 2.4m and includes multiple glass display cabinets to show nail polish products. The inside nail kiosk has nail tables to provide nail art service. We mainly use green and white color combinations, which look high-end and can make it outstanding.

Nail booth

We can see there are wall cabinets surrounding the lease line. There are posters in a glass cabinet on the wall, which is good for showing items to clients. People can understand your service and products well. We can also attach the brand logo on the wall so that people can notice your business well. It has a 4 nail bar station in the middle of the nail kiosk, allowing poeple to sit down and enjoy nail art service together. The cashier counter near the entrance door, it’s good to say hello to every customer. Poeple can also pay bills before leaving. Find more options for hair straightener kiosks

Nail cabinet

LED light lamp is very important. It not only brighter the nail kiosk but also shows products in a better way. The wooden flooring protects the kiosk and reminds poeple to enter your shop. If you have any new ideas about nail kiosk decoration, contact us for more details.