Directly factory price for beauty kiosk, professional 3D design makes drawing with your idea. Customize your kiosk belongs to you, and provide competitive prices and the best quality. Assist customers in completing drawings and pass the review of shopping kiosk

Introduce of beauty kiosk

  • Material-MDF/Plywood. MDF makes the main body and finishes with spray paint black color. Plywood for special finishes.
  • Tempered glass-8MM thickness, for displaying and storing products.
  • Painting light boxes-Printed pictures with built-in lights can make the promotional content more eye-catching.
  • Stainless steel skirting-Gold color stainless steel, consistent with the border color of the Kiosk. The stainless steel skirting can better make the kiosk and the ground firmly bonded, reduce the deformation of the kiosk, and avoid damage caused by external force collisions. It can make the kiosk and the wall have a harmonious transition and play a role in visual balance. In addition, the skirting is also easy to scrub.
  • Light-This Kiosk adds a lot of white light bulbs and spotlights, bright lights play a vital role in makeup.

beauty kiosk design

This beauty kiosk is simple but luxurious in black and gold. The choice of finish is also matte, which is more advanced. The combination of golden stainless steel skirting and golden frame is very suitable.

Also, this kiosk can be a cosmetic kiosk, for the sale of the products. Everyone knows that almost every girl buys skincare and cosmetics. There must be a booth in the mall where you are located the cosmetic kiosk.

design beauty kiosk in mall

As people pay more attention to makeup, for people who are about to go on an important date, beautiful makeup will make people feel happier, some people can’t put up perfectly by themselves, so there is a beauty kiosk and a booth that can make people beautiful.

When applying makeup to others, can also promote your brand, publicize product effects, and increase purchasing power.