Are you looking for a frozen yogurt kiosk to earn money? Frozen yogurt is good for selling frozen yogurt, smoothies, milkshake, etc. I want to share a yogurt kiosk design with you today. It includes a reception counter, topping bar counter, brand logo wall, and menu. Let’s view the details information below.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Description of frozen yogurt kiosk

The frozen yogurt kiosk size is 4m by 2.5m, and the primary color is white and pink with colorful circle decorations. That makes the frozen yogurt kiosk looks better and can also look better. Materials include MDF, baking paint surface, stone countertop, stainless steel kicking, tempered glass, acrylic logo, etc. If you have any requirements, you can tell us. We can meet your demands.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Information of ice cream kiosk

On the front side, we can use it for checking bills and displaying all kinds of food materials. Besides, the cashier registers on the left side, near a tall menu board. In the middle is a large topping counter with a glass showcase on the top that is convenient for clients to purchase. The corner is a cream model decoration that vividly shows your business to people.

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frozen yogurt kiosk

The back counter uses like a kitchen counter, so people prepare ice cream and frozen yogurt here. Necessary equipment sets on the countertop for convenient usage. And the water sink is placed here to wash hands and keep the food kiosk clean. While the top ceiling looks like a bridge, the owner can attach the brand logo here, and people can hang the menu and posters to attract people.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Produce photos show

Produce photos shows the real effects of the ice cream kiosk look likes. Because we will install them in advance, that is what the owner will receive. People can also view all parts and produce details directly.

frozen yogurt kiosk


Everyone likes our customized mall kiosk, and the owner has a great business from opening. With a unique and attractive frozen yogurt kiosk, they have to expand their businesses and build a long-term relationships with us. Whenever you plan to start, you can get nice kiosk effects from us.

frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk