Do you like the barber kiosk in the shopping center? A Barber kiosk is a good place to provide hair cutting service, display products, and express brand themes. Here is a high-end barber kiosk sharing with you, it can give you more ideas when making your own kiosk.

Description of barber kiosk

  • Size: 4m by 2m
  • Color: Dark gray with smoothie effect
  • Basic material: MDF, glossy baking paint, 3D luminous logo, light box painting, stainless steel, 8mm tempered glass, etc.
  • Usage: Shopping mall, hair salon shop, beauty shop, etc.

The beauty kiosk is customized based on unique ideas. So you can tell us your thought about the hair kiosk layout, decoration, and sizes. Designers will make a 3D design to show your beauty salon kiosk effect.

hair styling kiosk

The layout of the barber kiosk

The front side has 2 entrance doors, in the middle is a brand logo wall with sofa behind. Clients can wait for service when busy. The cashier counter is set on the left-hand side near the entrance, so poeple can check out before leaving. Near it is a small counter with a glass case on the top. While the right-hand side is an advertising wall with glass cabinets. Close to it is a glass display cabinet with multiple layers of glass shelving.

Check unique cosmetic kiosk decoration

barber kiosk

Hair salon shop decoration

The main shop theme of the hair salon kiosk is black and white. It looks very upscale, gives a sense of success and trend, and enhances the shop theme. Lightbox painting and posters add to the kiosk so that clients can see popular hairstyles directly. Besides, it can also guide poeple to purchase a hair styling quickly.

barber kiosk

No matter how much space size you rent, you can get a unique hair kiosk from us. Just send us an inquiry, our sales team and designer team can help you well.