Are you looking to upgrade your beauty salon or start your own brow bar business in Australia? Today, I want to share a nice 4m By 2m Classic Eyelash Service Booth brow Bar Station with you. This sleek and modern booth is the perfect addition to any mall location, retail cabinet, or eyebrow threading shop. Let’s view more information together.

eyebrow bar counter

Introduction of eyelash kiosk

The eyebrow threading booth features a stunning purple and white color combination that is sure to attract customers and give your business a charming and elegant look. With a size of 4m by 2m, this booth is spacious enough to accommodate all of your eyelash and brow services while still being compact enough to fit in any space.

eyebrow threading station

Inside the booth, you will find two square mirrors with LED lights on the wall, perfect for giving your clients the best possible view of their new look. The barber booth also features a cashier counter area with storage cabinets, so you can keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

The entrance of the booth is designed with a tower display that can be used to attach your brand logo and promotional posters, helping to attract even more attention to your business. On the other side of the entrance, you will find a glass display showcase with multiple glass layers, perfect for displaying your products and catching the eye of passersby. View teeth whitening kiosk option

Produce photos show

eyebrow bar counter eyebrow threading station

The booth also includes a seating sofa and water sink counter, making it easier for your clients to relax and enjoy their beauty treatments. And don’t forget to decorate the outside wall of the booth to make it stand out and draw in customers. Contact us if you are ready to open an eyebrow-threading kiosk.