Are you looking for a nice eyebrow-threading kiosk? Today, I want to introduce a classic and popular eyebrow threading kiosk to you. It is good to provide eyebrow threading, eyelash extension services, and even hair styling services. No matter what kiosk size you want, you will get an ideal and suitable salon kiosk here. Because we can customize it for you.

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

As you can see from the picture, the primary color is white combined with red. It has mirror stations on one side, which is convenient for 3 people working together. There are drawers and a cabinet underneath the counter for storage. There is a brand logo wall on both entrances side. On another side is a sofa and service counter, while there is a glass wall cabinet in the middle to show more products for sale. We can also attach brand logo, menu and even TV player on the wall for advertising. We can also add LED light to brighten the overall eyebrow threading kiosk.

More information

  • Size:2000*4000*1500 mm
  • Design: 3-5 working days
  • Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation
  • Packing: We’ll pack the pavilion in hard wooden cases
  • Transportation: Sea, air, land, you can choose according to your needs


The base material of this cabinet is MDF, which is a kind of durable and wear-resistant material. The surface is treated with lacquer, which makes the cabinet look very glossy. The bottom of the cabinet will have stainless steel kicks, which can extend the service life. In addition, there are mirrors, lights, light boxes, stainless steel, tempered glass, and other materials.