Do you plan to open a wig booth in the mall? The 4m by 2m wig display kiosk is the perfect addition to any shopping mall or exhibition booth. Today, I want to share a nice wig kiosk with you. It looks like a retail shop, attracting attention and increasing sales. Let’s view more details together.

Hair straightener booth

Introduction of wig booth

It is suitable for a location area of 4m by 2m. The wig display booth has C-shaped see-through display shelves at the front. These shelves are perfect for showcasing a variety of wig styles. Allowing customers to easily browse and choose their desired look. On the left-hand side of the hair straightener kiosk, there is a curved display counter with multiple layers, providing even more space to showcase different wig options. Ensures ample room for a wide range of styles, colors, and lengths, catering to all customer preferences.

Hair straightener cabinet

Tables with chairs are set up at the center of the beauty booth, creating a comfortable space for customers to sit down and learn information. It provides a personalized shopping experience and helps customers decide on their wig purchases. This display booth stands out from others because it’s good at interacting with customers. That’s why both shoppers and exhibitors like it so much.

The back of the barber kiosk wig booth has a long brand-imaging wall with a display cabinet. It’s perfect for showing brand logos, slogans, and ads. We can add lights to further enhance its visual appeal. Making it stand out and catch the attention of passersby.

Hair straightener station

Hair Straightener Kiosk is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its modern design and strategic layout make it a versatile option for various locations and occasions. Whether you install it in the mall of the UK, USA, or Australia, you can use it for business. I am sure it will give you better design ideas.