Do you need a unique eyebrow-threading kiosk to earn money? Today, I want to share an attractive eyebrow-threading kiosk with you. Its white color outside and black color inside looks very special and attractive. We designed it for people from Adelaide, Australia. It’s also a very popular kiosk style in the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe.

eyebrow station

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading kiosk size is 4m by 3m. We can add three eyebrow stations for work, a seating sofa, a reception counter, a storage cabinet, and shampoo bed, etc. The materials use MDF with baking paint surface treatment, it’s very durable and brilliant to use. We can also use MDF to build beauty salon kiosks as it can make unique modeling and enhance shop themes. Other materials include a mirror with LED light, hardware, lock cabinet, stainless steel kicking, etc.

brow bar counter

Layout information

We can see there is a taller wooden strip decoration at the front counter. We can also attach the lightbox posters here for advertising. Enter the eyebrow beauty booth, we can see there are working stations here for clients to work. Besides, the side has a long seating sofa for waiting. Inside the room is space for a massage bed. We can also put up posters and menus outside so that poeple can understand your business well.

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eyelash kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the both inside and outside of the hair salon kiosk effects directly. We can see the working station has lock drawers to restore items for easy access. Then we will install wires, sockets, and light to the eyebrow threading kiosk. Our workers will test the whole kiosk at our workshop, so people can use it well on-site. If you have any questions, please kindly let me know. Thank you.

eyebrow bar kiosk brow bar counter