The eyebrow threading kiosk and hair straightening kiosk are popular in the shopping mall. With the fast development of the fashion trade, people want a charming and characteristic appearance. It’s a great idea to start both eyebrow and hair straightening services. Because people can enjoy them together with friends. If you plan to start hair straightening services in the shopping mall, this black-color beauty salon station will help you well.

eyebrow bar counter

Custom eyebrow threading kiosk in Australia

The black color creates a high-end and luxury shop atmosphere. It makes poeple feel you provide professional and skillful beauty services. The size is 4m by 2.7m and includes 3 workstations with bulb mirror, sofa, water sink, and display cabinet. We can also add a brand logo, light box poster, and menu to remind poeple of your business.


eyebrow bar counter

The entrance is like a retail shop with a reception counter behind the logo wall. We can also add lightbox posters on the wall to attract clients. Next to it is a long seating sofa for people to sit down and wait. The side wall has a glass cabinet with multiple layers, it’s good to place related products, so people can notice them and buy them directly. Which helps increase sales performance. View more options for hair straightener kiosks

eyebrow cabinet

While the back side counter has working stations with chairs. We can attach light bulbs surrounding the mirror. Below are the storage cabinets for storage and space for legs. Don’t forget to attach your service facing to the public to appeal to more potential clients. A round tile water sink is set in the corner for washing hands and keeping the overall barber kiosk clean.

Actual kiosk effect

eyebrow threading booth barber kiosk

We can view how the eyebrow kiosk looks like once completed and installed at the workshop. That’s what the owner will get for business. Our workers will package each counter carefully, so it protects the overall kiosk during long sea shipping.