Are you looking for a creative eyebrow-threading kiosk? The eyebrow threading kiosk is essential for providing eyebrow services and hair salon stations. It’s an innovative eyebrow-threading kiosk for UK customers to share with you. Whenever you plan to open a business, contact us now to get new ideas.

eyebrow kiosk

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

Size: 3m by 5m

Color: White and blue

Usage: Provide eyebrow threading service, eyelash service, and display products for sale

Contents: The eyebrow threading kiosk includes a reception counter, working station, glass display, storage cabinet, brand logo, menu, and posters

eyelash kiosk

The eyebrow threading kiosk color has a long wall with an LED mirror, which is convenient for providing eyebrow and hair-cutting services because the owner can set eyebrow chairs anywhere. The side wall has a tower stand with a logo and a menu with lighting. Near it is the cashier counter with a brand logo on the front counter to remind people of your business. The other side has glass shelving to show more items.

brow bar counter

The owner can also set up a waiting for the sofa to provide a rest area for clients. And a storage cabinet in the corner with drawers to place necessary items. There are blue lines surrounding the kiosk to decorate it. We can also see the booth for advertising. We can also add a lighting lamp surrounding the stall to make it look better, a brand logo, and posters on the wall, which make people notice you and distinguish you from other shops.

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Produce photos show

This eyebrow threading is luxurious and high-end because of its creative design and combined colors. We can view the details and final effects from the produced photos. We can make it meet your demands whenever you plan to open an eyebrow-threading kiosk.

eyebrow threading kiosk