Are you going to open a fresh fruit kiosk in the shopping center? Fruit kiosks become popular among poeple, and you will have a great business. You can sell fresh fruit and provide fresh juice to increase business. Here is a functional fruit kiosk sharing with you.

fruit kiosk

Introduction of fruit kiosk

This fresh fruit kiosk size is 5m by 3m, with a total height of 1.2m good to use in most shopping centers. The primary color is white with gold metal decoration, a high level of the fruit shop theme, and high light the products. Materials include MDF, baking paint, stainless steel acrylic, and hardware. We can customize the fruit kiosk with you no matter what kind of materials you want.

fruit booth

There are multiple layers of display counters surrounding the fruit booth. It has an acrylic panel on the surface to prevent fruit from falling during purchasing. We can also add perforated plates with equipment to keep fruit fresh and have good taste. Merchants can also add acrylic boxes here for better display. A water sink is set at the side for daily water supply; workers can wash fruit and keep the kiosk clean. Kicking and brand logo use golden stainless steel with a mirror effect, which makes your fruit kiosk look good.

fruit kiosk

Production of fruit kiosk

We can see the natural effect of the fruit kiosk you will get. The production work follows the confirmed fruit kiosk design, so starting the kiosk design is necessary first. And you can view the overall effect directly. We can also add lighting to increase the brightness.

fruit display counter fruit counter