When you visit a shopping center, you can readily discover numerous nail kiosks. Why do an increasing number of people tend to get their nails done? Without a doubt, people pay greater attention to their appearance, particularly young girls and women, who like to have their nails done during their spare time. As a result, a growing number of people have begun to engage in the nail business.

The nail manicure kiosk I recommend

This nail manicure kiosk is 6 meters by 3 meters in size and includes a nail service desk with a chair, two small sofas, a cash register, a display cabinet, and two sinks. It is very useful for business. The main color tone is white and gray, which looks very comfortable and can catch the attention of passersby.

manicure booth

Detailed description of nail manicure kiosk

We can see in the design that there is a long nail table on the front counter. There are five chairs outside. This means that 5 people can sit down simultaneously to receive manicure services. We can notice that each chair comes with a cushion and is also a sofa style chair. This kind of chair makes customers very comfortable. The front desk can be decorated with a logo to showcase the brand. There is a high display stand behind the kiosk, on which there are several shelves to display nail polish. You will also find that this display cabinet is equipped with a light band, which can make your nail polish look more bright. We turn our gaze to the middle of the kiosk and see two sinks equipped with mirrors. The cabinet below can hold some tools.

nail kiosk

There are two small sofas on the side wall, with one side separated by a partition to protect privacy. These two small sofas are provided for customers who need to have their toenails done. This has also expanded your business.

How to custom a nail kiosk you like

  1. Have a negotiation with our designer and communicate to us your specific requirements.
  2. Pay a 300USD design fee which will be refundable in case you construct the kiosk in our factory. Offer different perspectives of 3D design and a free kiosk amendment service until you are content with the outcome.
  3. Produce detailed construction drawings that incorporate all the materials, dimensions and electrical plans.
  4. Obtain the approval of the drawing from the mall and assist with the necessary alterations for applying for the drawing approval.
  5. Make a 50% deposit payment to commence the manufacturing process of the kiosk.
  6. When the kiosk is completed prior to shipping, you make arrangements for the rest of payment.