Snack kiosks are good for showing all kinds of food. It is ideal for convenience stores, coffee shops, retail and food stores, etc. Today, I want to share a nice snack kiosk with you. The food kiosk has display shelving and glass counters. Let’s view the details together.

snack kiosk

Description of snack kiosk

The kiosk size is 6m by 2m, including wall display shelving at the back and a glass showcase with shelving inside. We can see in the design it has two different styles of display shelving. One of the shelving has adjustable shelving with brand logo signage on the top. At the same time, the bottom has a lockable cabinet. Another shelving style has multiple layers with panels at the edge to avoid falling items. Besides, the light box painting promotes the problems well.

snack kiosk

The front counter has glass shelving with 3 to 4 layers. It has a light lamp on the top to increase brightness and shows snacks well. It’s a good idea to place the coffee machine on top to make coffee. We can also view it as a coffee kiosk and a daily kiosk. The primary color is brown and white, reflecting the shop theme and making the snacks outstanding.

View food trailer designs.

snack kiosk

Material information

  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Glossy baking paint
  • Logo material: Acrylic, light box logo, etc.
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, 8mm tempered glass, spare lamp, hardware, etc. 

We can also use Plywood with lamination to build the food kiosk body. It makes your food concession kiosk looks special.

You can send us a floor plan or sizes. We can customize mall kiosks accordingly. Because our professional design team will make the kiosk design. What you have to do is check the design and confirm it. Contact us to get more information.