The coffee kiosk is seen everywhere in France. Popele drinks coffee every day during working and in their spare time. Because coffee can make them feel energetic and can take participate in the work quickly. It’s a profitable idea to open a cafe booth in the shopping mall. Here is a popular coffee kiosk sharing with you.

coffee kiosk

Coffee kiosk design

  • Size: 6m x 3m
  • Color: White, pink, and wooden color
  • Material: MDF, baking paint, wood veneer, marble stone, acrylic, stainless steel, light box painting, etc.
  • Shop theme: Modern, lovely, and creative brand theme.
  • Business: Good to display and sell food and drinks, such as coffee, tea, bread, bakery, juice, milk tea, etc.

Before starting your business, it’s necessary beautiful attractive cafe booth to start. You can also customize it to fit your company culture and brand theme. View more unique ideas kiosk ideas.

coffee counter

Cafe kiosk layout

We can see the front area has glass display showcases on the countertop. You can use it as a bakery kiosk or ice cream kiosk, the freezer can also be set under the counter. Near it is a salad counter to increase business, clients can order all kinds of food from your coffee shop. In the corner, the area has a water sink. We can see there are brand logos and red streamlined decoration that makes the coffee stand looks beautiful.

coffee stand

Seating counter set with bar chairs set side, it allows poeple sit down and drink coffee. We can see the backside used as a working counter, necessary equipment like a coffee machine, and a beverage machine set in a suitable location. It has a wall plate covering it so that clients won’t see from outside. TV players are set at the top with frame support, merchants can play video advertising or update the daily menu easily.

Don’t forget the cashier counter, it can be set near the entrance. That can separate the ordering area and pick-up area. If you have any new ideas, contact us to get more coffee kiosk design solutions.