Do you want a luxury cosmetic kiosk to earn money? The attractive cosmetic kiosk is a good place to enhance your shop theme and make your cosmetic shop outstanding.  It includes a display showcase, makeup station, service counter, waiting area, and advertising wall. Today, I want to share a popular indoor kiosk in Australia.

cosmetic kiosk

Introduction of cosmetic kiosk

The cosmetic kiosk size is 6m by 3m, good for providing cosmetic services and promoting items. It has a wooden floor with a golden edge that high level the shop theme. We can see there are 2 L-shaped counters in the corner, one has an advertising panel for the TV player. It’s good to set the cashier register behind. C-style sofa with a small round table aiming for the waiting and rest.

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cosmetic kiosk

We can see there is a display table in the center. It is in curved style narrow in the middle and wide on both sides, and looks very unique. The front of it has a display showcase counter with glass shelving to display cosmetic items. While the back side has a 2-person working counter with mirrors. And an individual soap kiosk glass showcase with a brand logo on the top. Each glass cabinet has an LED light lamp to increase the brightness.

cosmetic kiosk

Produce photos show

Workers will pre-install the cosmetic kiosks in the exhibition room, so the owner can view how the cosmetic kiosk looks in reality. It’s also convenient to text the wires and sockets to make sure everything works well. No matter how unique and special of cosmetic kiosk you want, you can get it in Mall-Kiosk. We have an excellent design team to come up with beauty kiosk design solutions.

cosmetic kiosk cosmetic kiosk