Designing a wine kiosk in a mall is a whole new challenge. This is popular and commonplace about drink kiosks. But a drink kiosk to sell beer, wine, cocktails is a new idea, customers can enjoy a drink while passing by.

drink kiosk

Description of drink kiosk

  • Material. MDF/Plywood/Metal structure/solid wood. Main body use MDF, bar counter use plywood, pasted with fireproof board, which can be waterproof. Solid wood strips for decoration.
  • Size: 6meter*8meter. Drink kiosk with chair.
  • Light. Logo with light.

drink kiosk in mall

This is a drink kiosk set up in a shopping mall, mainly selling cocktails, red wine, and beer.
This one relative simple in design, but it should have everything. There is an operating bar counter. Orders can place here, and drinks make by staff in here.

The size is 6 meters by 8 meters. It is a relatively large size kiosk in the mall, because this one is equipped with tables and chairs. Guests can not only take out drinks, but also rest and drink in the kiosk.

bar counter kiosk

The tables and chairs attached to the drink kiosk are very high-end, and the seats are selected with soft finishes. The wine rack use metal and very strong because have a lot of drink on it.

How to make a Drink Kiosk in mall?

  1. Get the kiosk station.
  2. Confirm the size and floor plan
  3. Make sure the style with your ideal and 3D design
  4. Send drawing to mall manager for applying
  5. The mall confirmed the start of production

If you want make the drink kiosk, please contact us. We will hope you make your ideal come true.