Nowadays, people usually own many pairs of shoes .They wear different shoes for different occasions.It can make their image more attractive and generous. Therefore, the cleanliness of shoes is also highly valued. If you are the owner of a shoeshine shop. I think you definitely need a shoeshine cabinet . At this time, I must recommend to you a new shoeshine cabinet made by our factory. Look down carefully, you will be tempted.


Description of the shoe cabinet

 This shoeshine cabinet is 3m x 3m.It is mainly black and gray color. And it built on the high-quality MDF board frame.It can install light tubes on the top ,which can make our shoes look more texture, with a multi-layer design of display rack, can be very good for shoes classification. And he set up customer seats to make it easy for customers to try on shoes. This kind of shoe cabinet is not only solid structure, beautiful appearance, but also free assembly, disassembly and assembly fast. Shopping malls, supermarkets use this shoe cabinet to display goods have a very good decorative effect, so that your shoes play an extraordinary charm.

   In addition, it can well bear the weight of shoes. It also can adjust the height and width of the display rack, so that you can choose your favorite shoes at ease.

   If you are a shoe store owner, you will find : this product is a good way to show off shoes . It give customers a better first impression. At the same time,  The display rack is made of transparent materials. Consumers can see the real face of the shoes.That can make it easier for consumers to make purchasing decision .If you have any needs please feel free to contact us.