Opening a flower shop is a profitable business because it makes people feel happy and respectable. Today, I want to share a nice flower shop with you, hope it will give you ideas when decorating your flower shop. It is good to use in the shopping mall, airport, subway station, near the school, and street. Let’s view more detailed information together.

Introduction of flower shop design

As we can see in the mall kiosk design, the flower shop has glass walls and a glass entrance door. People will appeal to your store displays and blooming flowers. It will increase their desire to buy, which increases sales performance. The golden metal door frame and handle create an upscale and modern shop atmosphere. There are track lights/spotlights under the ceiling, highlight the overall flower shop and make your flower kiosk outstanding. The 3D logo attached to the shopfront, makes people remember your shop well.

flower kiosk

Flower shop display

There are flower displays on both sides of the entrance. They are layered like stairs to better display the flowers to clients. When entering the shop, we can see there are display counters at the shop center. Counters have different height suits for displaying different styles of flowers. The wall display shelving with black panels in the middle. It is not only as decoration but also used to support each layer.  Ornamental potted plants, and bouquets, are shown here.

flower kiosk

Businessmen can also decorate with green plants on the wall. Display table and counters set properly for work. It’s also a good idea to add a lock cabinet underneath the counter for storage. Ceiling lights and chandelier lights make the overall flower shop outstanding and attractive. Contact us and get more unique flower kiosk design solutions now!