Are you looking for modern kiosks to start a business? It’s a great business idea to open a mall booth to sell water purifiers and equipment. People can view your products directly and pick them up when shopping. They can also remember your shop and brand well. Here is a modern kiosk sharing with you. Hope you will get more good kiosk ideas.

mall retail kiosk

Introduction of modern kiosks

The modern booth size is 3m by 2m, suitable for a shopping mall. It includes display counters and reception counters. Clients can sit down and talk more with the sales team. Merchants can also use it as a retail kiosk to promote business and enhance brand themes. The primary color is black and orange, which looks attractive and outstanding.

Modern kiosk

Layout information

The front side has individual display counters. We can attach the brand logo and posters to the cabinet. At the back side are two service counters with chairs. Poeple can learn more about water purifier products and sign contracts here. The counters also support the metal roof with the brand logo on four sides. Consumers can view your shop and business soon. Flooring is essential for a pop-up shop booth, and we can also add an orange lighting lamp at the kicking to highlight the shop.

mall retail booth

Materials information

We mainly use MDF to make the modern kiosk counter, and the surface material is baking paint treatment. That is to get a colorful finish effect. Other materials include metal tubes, acrylic logos, light lamps, PVC floors, and hardware. It’s a high-level shop theme with a strong structure. Our workers focus on the process details during production so that you can get the ideal mall booth for business. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry. Our sales team can make 3D designs for you.