Do you like attractive nail kiosk ideas? The nail bar counter is an excellent place to do nail manicure services. If it’s your first business, you can rent a suitable location in the mall. And then get a customized nail manicure kiosk. No matter your unique hair station, you can get practical design ideas on our website. Now, I want to share a high-end nail salon station with you. It is fit for significant mall locations and beauty salon shops.

Nail Manicure Kiosk

Description of nail manicure kiosk

  • Size: 7m×3m
  • Color: White with golden decoration
  • Materials: MDF, baking paint, metal tube for LED light, stainless steel kicking, light box painting, frost glass, etc.
  • Function: Provide nail manicure and pedicure service and makeup service. It is also suitable for promoting the shop and brand.

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Nail Manicure Kiosk

Nail salon layout

There is a long nail bar table on the left-hand side. It allows seven people to sit down and accept nail art services. It has a metal frame on the top with an LED light, which is brilliant when working. Near the entrance is an L counter with a curved corner. Which is suitable for reception people and checking bills. The right-hand wall has two stations with a round mirror. It’s good to use as a makeup kiosk. The water sink and coffee machine are on the counter for usage. The back side has two pedicure chair areas with a brand logo stand. The waiting counter is on the outer side, separated by a wall and frosted glass.

Nail Manicure Kiosk

Advertising and showcase

Posters are essential for nail beauty shops. They express your service and products to clients. You can also add a brand logo to make people remember you well. There is golden stainless steel on the surface, that high levels the shop theme.