Do you plan to open a beverage kiosk to earn money? Beverage kiosks are good for people to buy juice, smoothies, beverages, fresh fruit, and drinks. Shop owners can also sell snacks and food to gain more business. For customized beverage kiosks, we can design and produce them according to the brand theme. Here is a nice juice kiosk sharing with you.

beverage kiosk

Introduction of beverage kiosk

This beverage kiosk color is yellow and light green color. It suits large mall locations, it has service counters on both sides and the center has a big display counter in a round shape. The primary material is MDF because it can make unique counter styles. The surface is baking paint treatment, making the food kiosk look very high-end and attractive. Other materials include stainless steel, light lamps, man-made stone countertops, etc.

juice kiosk

One service counter is used to sell all kinds of fast food and snacks, the machines can be put on the counter table to make food. We can see the front counter has a cashier counter with posters. The brand logo is attached to the counter to attract people. The inside counter has a water sink to use. We can see there is a curved counter in the shop center and a curved wall display cabinet with colorful decorations. The top is a large circle roof with delicious food advertising.

drinks kiosk

Another side counter has space for beverage machines, it also has a reception counter for checking bills. You can start a business with family and friends to gain more clients. Besides, consumers can also buy all kinds of food from this mall food kiosk. We can also reserve enough space with multiple shelving inside the counter.