The hot summer day has come. When people go shopping, a cup of ice juice can not only quench their thirst, but also relieve the summer heat. Have you ever had the idea of opening a fruit juice kiosk?Today I would like to recommend a juice kiosk to you. Let’s view more information about it.

juice counter

The appearance of kiosk

The Brown and Orange juice kiosk is a vibrant and eye-catching establishment that stands out with its unique design and color scheme. The production drawing display of the kiosk is thoughtfully laid out to attract customers and showcase the variety of juices available. The two orange columns connecting the front and back counters not only add visual interest but also serve as a branding opportunity with posters and the kiosk’s name prominently displayed. The front counter is an inviting place where customers can place their orders and see the menu options clearly. The use of logos and posters throughout the kiosk helps create a cohesive and appealing atmosphere for customers.

Side counter: rest area

The side table or rest area is an important aspect. Firstly, the chairs on the left and right sides offer a comfortable seating option for customers to relax while enjoying their juices. This promotes a laid-back and inviting atmosphere. Secondly, it provides a space for customers to take a break and socialize. This can enhance the overall customer experience. Thirdly, it allows for a potential increase in dwell time, which might lead to additional purchases. The inclusion of the rest area shows a consideration for customer comfort and convenience.

Interior decoration and equipment

The interior decoration is both functional and aesthetic. The acrylic counter in the middle gives a modern and clean look. Firstly, it serves as a central workspace for preparing juices efficiently. Secondly, it can put down a lot of juice. When there are many customers, there are many orders, and this counter can place orders that have been completed. Regarding equipment, the presence of a juicer, sealer, and lamp equipment ensures the quality and presentation of the juices. The lockers with locks provide security for supplies and ingredients. The well-coordinated interior decoration and equipment setup contribute to a smooth operation and a pleasant environment for both staff and customers.

Product pictures show

It’s customized commercial furniture, we design it based on the client’s special need and ideas. Produce work follows the confirmed 3D design. So the owner will receive the same quality kiosk.

juice stand

If you want to customize a juice kiosk, please contact us!