Cell phone shop

In the center of the mall, we always see some mobile phone shops or electronic watches sold in the mall. So it’s an important decision to open an electronics store. Next let me introduce you to this watch shop, mobile phone shop, and computer repair shop.

Store design

The overall design of the mobile phone store is more suitable for displaying the advantages of mobile phones, watches, or other electronic products, because the display cabinet is made of transparent glass display plane, so if you want to display mobile phone electronic products, you can choose as the main reason. Secondly, the advantage of the display cabinet is that the bottom equipped with a locker with a door design, so we can put our products or other items in our locker, which is a very safe design. The front display of the mobile phone store place designed with logos and posters, so we can customize our own logos and posters of the items we need to display in the store. Advertise the store.

cell phone kiosk

Process display drawing

This is the physical display picture of our factory. The main material used in the mobile phone display cabinet is MDF. Many cabinet displays will use this material because it is a very hard and practical material with moisture resistant design, so the surface will paint with baking paint, and the result is a smooth and bright display cabinet. The display cabinet is a transparent glass display cabinet, which we will design LED lights to illuminate the display cabinet conveniently and show the advantages of mobile phones and other products.


Our display cases are customizable, so if you want a custom store design, you can send it to us. According to your requirement, we can customize the product for you. In addition, our factory also produces a lot of display cases, if you need to tell us directly, we will do 3d design for you.