With the fast development of society, many people tend to have charming appearances. Beauty, hairdressing, and eyebrow threading industries have a vast market. You will have a great business whenever you plan to open an eyebrow-threading kiosk in the mall.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Introduce eyebrow bar studio

This eyebrow-threading kiosk is used at the Australia mall; it has a high-level shop theme and is suitable for providing eyebrow threading service. The size is 5m by 3m, and brown color strips are on the surface to decorate the door. We can also attach the brand logo, posters, and menus on the wall for advertising. The entrance has different levels of wood decoration. It makes the brow bar unique.

brow bar counter

Layout information

This beauty salon kiosk has three working stations together with a bulb light surrounding the mirror, and underneath the counter has space for legs and drawers for usage. The end near the entrance is a round water sink with pumps. At the same time, another side has a cashier counter and seating sofa for accomplished people. In peak hours, people can also wait for eyebrow services.

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eyebrow threading booth

Material information

This eyebrow threading kiosk mainly uses MDF to build the wall and working stations. The surface treatment is glossy baking paint in brown and white color. We can use stainless steel to protect the barber kiosk‘s kicking and make an acrylic logo. The eyebrow threading kiosk is well done at our workshop; the owner can use it directly when putting all the counters together.

Produce photos show

eyebrow cabinet

The outside looks with light on; this eyebrow threading kiosk has two entrances with sliding doors.

eyebrow studio

Inner working station effect. All the wires hide inside cabinets. Besides, the switches and main electronic boxes are added inside the cabinet. It’s convenient and safe to use. If you have questions about eyebrow threading kiosk decoration, please get in touch with us soon.

eyebrow bar