Do you often struggle with the design of your coffee shop? Not enough people? Customers don’t like the environment? Too many bad reviews? So, in the spirit of making your shop design new, unique and high-end, we offer a brand new solution – MDF material white paint and countertops for 4m x 3m coffee shop black quartz stone design!

A coffee shop is an important social place and a good shop environment is essential. Through our design, your coffee shop will become more sophisticated and fashionable. Every detail conveys the high taste of your shop, allowing customers to experience delicious coffee while getting physical and mental relaxation.

Our custom design scheme from the coffee shop lighting, ambient music and other aspects of consideration. This covers color schemes, table and chair placement, and other details. We believe that through our design scheme, your coffee shop will attract more customers and bring more traffic. Our design is suitable for any location and any style of coffee shop. If you are looking for a way to help your shop stand out and attract more attention, then contact us now! We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you to make your store design more beautiful.

Material details

  1. Basic material: MDF
  2. Surface finish: white color baking paint,dark grey color baking paint,khaki color baking paint
  3. Logo: Acrylic lighted logo
  4. Hardware: Same lock with key
  5. Others: Black stainless steel,8mm frosted glass, led strip light, tiles,black color quartz stone