Do you prefer to buy bubble tea or a glass of juice in the hot summer? Or buy a cup of coffee? In my opinion, any beverage can earn money in summer. The kiosk I am introducing today is suitable for any beverage.

Kiosk size

drinks kiosk

Although in terms of overall size, the juice kiosk is indeed relatively small. The dimensions are 2*0.9 meters. But you can clearly see directly from our drawing that we specifically designed the counter area to be in the front row. On the counter, there are some devices that you are going to use. Admittedly, the available space is quite limited, but all the items you need have been carefully arranged. To make your use even more convenient and effortless, we have chosen to use pure white stone on all surfaces. This gives a clean and elegant feel and enhances the visual appeal of the kiosk. In addition, the countertops around the entire kiosk are wrapped, which helps to make the overall look more coherent and beautiful.

Decorative top

juice kiosk

The kiosk has also deliberately and specifically designed a decorative top. However, due to the fact that the top is relatively large in size, we made the decision to select metal iron pipes to serve as the support. The larger top not only provides more convenience for hanging menus but also showcases a rather strong load-bearing performance. The front row of this juice kiosk is specifically designated as the working area, and we have even designed it in a ring style. You are able to stand within the kiosk and prepare juice drinks. This not only guarantees hygiene but also allows for you to have your own dedicated working space.

Overall decoration

The countertop presents a pristine and immaculate pure white hue, and the main body of the kiosk is artfully matched with a delicate and elegant light wood grain. Posters showcasing your products are neatly and prominently posted on the surrounding surface, creating an inviting visual display. Moreover, the color of the top ceiling is the same as the kiosk. So that it bears a resemblance to your distinctive logo, adding a touch of brand identity and cohesion. The entirety of this setup is truly very beautiful, exuding an aesthetic charm. In particular, the lemon yellow incorporated within it is extremely eye-catching, drawing attention and evoking a sense of freshness and vitality.